National Aviation University has in its structure own medical centre, that serves students and university personnel and provides supervision after their health.

NAU Medical centre has state license, accreditation certificate, permissions of the proper authorized organs on the grant of wide circle of medical care to everyone, who requires. According to conditions of agreement medical service of both physical individuals and organizations (regardless of pattern of ownership) is carried out.

Medical certificate commission (MCC) is a structure subdivision of Medical centre NAU. MCC consists of qualified doctors-experts with experience of work at speciality not less than 5 years, which have basic grounding in aviation medicine with a right to issue medical certificates of the proper class in accordance with requirements JAR-FCL3.

Besides, for the grant of high-quality medically-prophylactic help to everybody who requires in composition of Medical centre NAU such separations function:




physical therapeutic


sanitary epidemiology


Medical centre NAU provides with ambulatory-policlinic help on basic medical directions:

grant of medically- ambulatory help

clinical supervision

prophylactic review

clinical and laboratory diagnostic methods

instrumental methods of diagnosis.

For visitors:

clinical and biochemical laboratory investigations;

digital fluorography of the chest cavity, radioscopy, radiography, tomography pulmonary, intravenous urography kidneys, dental radiography;

computer diagnostics of internal diseases, electroetsefalogramma, bicycle ergometry, cardiography, rheoencephalography, fibrogastroscopy, colonoscopy, ultrasound studies of internal organs, thyroid and mammary glands;

Therapeutic massage, including vibro massage, phyto therapeutic treatment, needle-reflexology, natural healing factors, water treatments, electricity, light, heat treatments, magnetic field, etc.;

treatment in a day hospital;

improvement of students in the sanatorium-preventive;

wide range of dental services including dental prosthesis;

expert commission for aviation personnel, drivers and owners of weapons;

for the annual preventive medical examinations of workers employed in heavy works, work with hazardous or dangerous working conditions and in certain professions, productions and organizations whose activities are related to the Service and may be reduced to the spread of infectious diseases;

medical examinations in finding work;

medical care of students - foreigners;

medical examinations of candidates (applicants) for entry to higher education in the medium and special schools (with help form 086th).

We invite everyone to cooperate. Take care of yourself and valuable that you have - your health.